Vitamin C Serums

A few months ago, I started using a Vitamin C serum in an attempt to prevent premature aging of my skin and to reverse some sun damage I recently acquired. According to Dr. Oz, who, for better or worse, I do consider a decent source, topical Vitamin C can prevent sun damage and increase collagen production. (Source:

Before I bought one I did some research and I discovered that many women create their own serum on a daily basis by mixing ascorbic acid powder with water or glycerin, but I have some questions about the efficacy of this method after watching this video:

That said, this man sells his own serum, so he obviously has a vested interest in keeping women from going the DIY route.

I bought a sample of Mama’s Helper from Silk Naturals just to be on the safe side. It has the highest concentration of Vitamin C of all of their serums and also contains licorice extract, which is a lightening ingredient. Here is a link to the product:

So far? I love it! My skin is smooth and healthy and I think the little freckles have started to fade. I am almost out of the sample and have ordered a full size of the serum, along with two lipglosses, a lipstick, and a blush from Silk Naturals. When the products arrive I will review them!


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