Practical Advice about Self-esteem

All anybody ever talks about when they discuss self-esteem is how the lack of it is such a problem in society. Here’s a list of the best practical advice I’ve ever received on how to actually boost your self-esteem…because we all have days when we feel crappy.

1. Nobody notices whatever it is you don’t like about yourself, because they are all too busy focusing on their own perceived flaws. So next time you go to the gym and you think the whole world must be watching your butt jiggle…don’t sweat it, because chances are, every other person in the gym is thinking the same thing, or something similar. Luckily, most people are pretty preoccupied with their self-absorption.

2. Take a walk. Contemplate reality. Bask in the beautiful reality of nature. Realize how insignificant your “flaws” are compared to life, the universe, and everything. Then take that realization and turn it into action. The world is full of problems. Childhood hunger, disease, pollution, and economic inequities, just to name a few. Take all of the energy you’ve put into worrying about if your looks are good enough and put it into helping others. The satisfaction you will receive should make you feel good, and it will also put your problems into perspective.

3. Most people see you from about three feet away, at least in the US, because any closer is not socially acceptable unless you know the person very well. So step away from the mirror and stop mentally zooming in on the zit, stray eyebrow hairs, or whatever it is about your face that’s bugging you. When people look at your face, they see the big picture, not the tiny details that you’re worried about.

Next time you’re feeling kind of cruddy, try contemplating one or all of these points, and it might make you feel better. Remember…beauty truly does shine from the inside out.


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