Bangs, Caruso Rollers Tutorial, and Silk Naturals Crimson Lipstick Review

Hi everyone!

First off, I cut my bangs back in! I had been trying to grow them out to see how I liked them and I just really prefer myself with bangs. I’ve had a full bang for most of my life, with the exception of two pixie cuts and a year in high school when I grew them out. Bangs are just a part of my identity. So I grabbed my scissors and trimmed those babies up!

The second thing I want to talk about is my Caruso steam setter!

A steam setter is a really unique hair styling tool. It’s comprised of a heating unit, which you fill with water and plug in, and special rollers that are hollow inside and coated with foam. The unit heats up the water and creates steam. When a roller is set on the steam spout, it fills the hollow chamber and infuses the steam through the foam. You roll up the hair, put the “shield” on, which keeps the roller in place, and a half hour later you have similar results to hot rollers without any damage!

No damage? How can that be!? you ask me, shocked. Well, ladies and gents, the steam is far cooler than the direct scorching heat of a curling iron, and cools in a matter of seconds. It’s no more damaging than standing in a steamy shower for a few minutes (probably less so). The steam is what resets the pattern in your hair. It’s a similar concept to a “wet set” with rollers or pin curls, but so much faster. It takes me only about 5 minutes to get all the rollers in. I let them cool for at least 10 to 15 minutes for soft curls. If I want them to really set, I will leave them in maybe a half hour to an hour.

Here’s some pictures showing how to use them:Image

Start with clean, dry hair. I tried this with both a lot of styling product and with just blow dried hair that had a little heat protectant. It worked much better with just a little heat protectant than a ton of product. If  you air dry your hair overnight and roll it in the morning, you don’t need any product (except maybe some hairspray when you’re all done).


Section off a chunk of hair. I like to do my first rolls in a mohawk so I always start in the middle of my head and work backwards. I do about 4 rollers down the center and then 3 on each side of my head, for a total of about 10 rollers total.


After you take your section, place a roller on the steam spout. I always section my hair before steaming the roller so I don’t accidentally over-steam. They only need about 3 to 5 seconds on the steam spout, but feel free to experiment. I think it depends on your hair and the weather. You really don’t want them to be wet, though. Just warm and slightly moist.


You can kind of change up the way you roll them to get different looks. For more curl throughout, start in the middle, wind the ends up, then roll to the top. Steam the shield for one second then snap it on to the roller. Today I did a traditional curl from the bottom up, which, after they fell a little, left me with a slight curl on the bottom and volume and movement throughout.


Here is me with the rollers in. I felt so glamorous I decided to give my Silk Naturals Crimson Lipstick a try…I love it! It’s a really opaque, no shimmer, blue-based red. It looks great on fair skin and makes your teeth look nice and white. It’s also creamy and really moisturizing. Even after it wears off (which takes a while…this has good sticking power) it’s so pigmented that you still have a lot of color, just less shine.


Here’s a quick swatch I did…I couldn’t really get the lighting right so it looks more shimmery than it is. It’s got some shine, it isn’t matte, but there isn’t any shimmer. It’s straight-up fire engine red and very opaque.

Back to the hairs!


This is what the curls look like right after you take them out. I left them in for probably 15 minutes. After I take the rollers out, I like to fluff my hair from the bottom up to break up the curl just a little. My hair doesn’t really react well to a brush but someone with thicker hair could probably brush them out a bit. Then I flip my head upside down, spritz with hairspray, flip back over, fix my part, and spritz again. Done!


Here’s the end result! LOTS of volume, soft curls. If you roll them tighter or use smaller rollers (I used jumbo and large and rolled with very little tension) you can get a more defined curl.

I love these rollers. They have all the benefits of hot rollers (volume, easy, fast) but with none of the heat damage.

I think my set cost me about 40 dollars. You can get them online on Amazon, and Sally’s carries them. I bought mine at Sally’s and used my discount card. 🙂 Happy curling!


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