Review of Lucy Minerals Foundation and Everyday Minerals Jojoba Base

I have two foundations to review today! Good news or bad news first?

Let’s go with…bad. I was not impressed with Everyday Minerals Jojoba Base. Here’s a link:

First, some pros: The color was really a good match for me. I had ordered samples and Cream ended up looking really natural on me. Not too pink, not too light, not too dark. The finish was also really nice; the foundation has almost a dewy look to it, which is awesome because mineral foundation can tend to look chalky if you aren’t careful. While not necessarily powerful enough to be considered moisturizing, I do think the jojoba esters reduce the risk of the powder drying out skin, which is another problem many people have with mineral foundation.

Now for the cons: THE COVERAGE IS TERRIBLE. I don’t even know how this happened, because I ordered samples and they were fine. I had to use probably a half tablespoon of this stuff to get ANYTHING covered, and my skin looks pretty nice on it’s own lately. I would not even consider the coverage buildable…it looked like I had nothing on. Fortunately, it didn’t get too cakey, but I was really disappointed since I had bought the full size. I will still hang on to this as a backup, I suppose, since I don’t want to waste it, but I’m really unhappy. 

Overall: do not buy.

Now for a more positive review! 

Disappointed in the Everyday Minerals base I bought, I decided to do some searching for a better foundation. I really prefer minerals because my sensitive skin does well with them. I’ve found that people either really love mineral foundations or hate them, but it’s been so long since I’ve used a liquid foundation, I wouldn’t even know what to do.

In my search, I googled around a bit and also consulted /r/indiemakeupandmore on reddit ( A little bit of searching led me to Meow Cosmetics, which I would still like to try due to their HUGE shade selection ( which is amazing if you are difficult to color match like I am. I would still like to try Meow but I decided to get some samples from Lucy Minerals first, because they apparently have very, very good coverage (

I ordered samples of Light, Fair, and the finishing powder. The samples were very reasonably priced at $2.50 each, and shipping was free. My only real complaint about the ordering process is that the website is a little tricky at first…foundation samples are under a “try it” tab, not under the foundation tab. Here is a link to the samples ordering page for the easily confused ( To pick out a color, look at the foundations page in the first Lucy link. 

There are a few different formulas. Since my skin is a little on the dry side, I ordered the original finish. It comes loaded with some pretty powerful antioxidant ingredients like apple polyphenols and green coffee extract. While I can’t vouch for the efficacy of the antioxidants in a powder formulation, it can’t HURT anything, so why not?

This foundation is really, really nice. I was very impressed with the coverage. The only problem is you have to be very careful with how you apply it. It works best if stippled on in VERY small amounts (like two or three little “grains” or clumps at first), then buffed out gently, allowed to sit for ten to fifteen minutes, then rebuffed. Stipple more powder on any difficult to cover areas and they will disappear. I was truly amazed at the coverage. It’s very impressive for a powder. I used a flat top brush and it worked really well.

If you don’t know what stippling means, it’s kind of the act of gently pressing the brush bristles into your skin. Here’s a tutorial that the company actually recommended on their website:

Colorwise, I found a pretty good match for my skin in Fair. It was lighter and more cool-toned than the Everyday Minerals cream, but I think the EM would have been too dark if it had the opacity of the Lucy Minerals. I haven’t even tried Light…it may also work but it looked really yellow in the jar. I put a little under my eyes the other day and it hid my purpleness fairly well but I’m scared to try it full face. If you can find a good match by mixing some of the samples (i.e., 1/2 light, 1/2 cream), the company will custom mix you a full size jar. Which is like, amazing and unheard of super awesome customer service. This is why I’m really starting to love indie makeup companies…they are small enough to provide you with service like that.

The only problem I had with this foundation is it can get really cakey if you aren’t careful. I pretty much consider myself a mineral foundation veteran but I still had a day where I ended up with a big mess. Even Boyfriend was like, what did you do to your face? Normally he doesn’t notice much in the makeup department so it was probably pretty bad. I also am kind of “meh” on the finishing powder. It seems to work well enough but I am not sure it’s any better or worse than any others. I’m going to try some silk powders next because they’re supposed to be really good for sensitive skin.

Overall: I’m considering buying the full size for sure.


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