Crazy Cheap Really Obvious Skincare Tricks

Sorry, I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been waiting for a crap ton of makeup that I ordered to arrive…so keep waiting for a big awesome post. The idea for this one has been bouncing around in my head for a few weeks so I thought it might do to hold you over until my pretties arrive.

In the meanwhile, I am in love with quick tips that don’t require going to the store. Especially now that I live in a desperately rural area where it takes at least an hour to GET to a store. So, while you do have to buy some stuff for some of these tips, they are mostly non-product-oriented and pretty simple.

1. CLEAN YOUR CELL PHONE. If you tend to break out on one side of your face…your phone might be the culprit. It could be that you sleep on that side or touch your face a lot or you just happen to break out there, but walking around with a breathed-on-makeup-caked-oily-face-smushed cell phone crammed against your cheek probably isn’t helping anything. Plus…earwax, dude. Ew. So, how to fix it? I take a cotton ball soaked in some 99 cent rubbing alcohol and swipe it over my cell. Easy, cheap, sanitary.

2. CHANGE YOUR PILLOWCASES. Ok, here’s another one inspired by my germaphobia. Even if you don’t wash your sheets more than twice a year (I’m speaking to you, foul bachelors of the world) you should probably change your pillowcase at least once a week. Better yet, try switching to satin pillowcases. You can get satin pillow covers at Walmart, Target, and the like for around two dollars each. I bought five of them last time I mercifully had an excuse to leave town and hit up a big box store. Whenever my pillowcase gets gross, I swap it out for a clean one. The satin is amazing for hair and skin. You will wake up with less bedhead and frizz because your hair won’t snag on the fibers, and it’s even predicted that satin can help prevent wrinkles by making your facial skin slide across the surface, reducing any pulling, tugging, or otherwise smushing.

3. Another night-time trick…clean off your makeup before bed. Yes, this one is so oft-repeated that it probably doesn’t even belong here, but people underestimate how important it really is. This ( is a pretty extreme experiment, and I don’t think it accurately mimics real life, but it does a good job of showing how much of a difference washing your face can make. Also, don’t you love how they say “slap?” So cute and British. I must adopt this phrase.

Anywho, I have found through my highly scientific internet google searching that the best way to really clean off your makeup is to use an oil-based cleanser. Most regular cleansers won’t break down serious sunblock, which you should be wearing daily, or even light makeup. I know the Oil Cleansing Method is kind of an internet fad right now, and if you are trying it and like it, keep it up. I had mixed results with it. Now what I do is use a squirt of either sunflower oil or mineral oil, massage it in, take a warm damp cotton pad, swipe off the oily makeupy goo, then use my regular cleanser to remove the remnants. Other options include cold cream (so vintage!), or a store-bought oil cleanser that has a rinsing agent (Silk Naturals makes an apricot oil-based one but I haven’t tried it; other options include several Japense brands available on Amazon or Here is a great resource for the comedogenic ratings of different oils (they won’t all break you out!):

4. Wash your face last in the shower. I have seen this tip online and have been experimenting with it myself, lately. I think it is probably more important for some skin types than others, but if you are sensitive to either fragrance or silicones, then it is worth trying. The idea is that you wash your face after you rinse out your shampoo and conditioner, so that if any shampoo or conditioner slides down onto your face, it will be cleaned off before you exit the shower. Super simple concept. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my skin from trying this but have read anecdotal evidence that this can make a big difference for some people. It probably depends on your particular shampoo and conditioner, as well. For instance, when I tried Herbal Essences a few years ago, sucked in by the marketing and pretty purple packaging, not only did I have inflamed allergic sinuses due to the fragrance, but my upper back broke out. Most likely the cause was conditioner remnants rinsing down my back.

Those are my super simple inexpensive tips…pretty boring, some of them pretty obvious. A lot of my readers probably do these things anyway, but when I first started doing some of these I was blown away by the change in my skin. Good luck! Stay lovely, dear readers! All, what, like three of you?


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