Hair Baubles

Hello, scant supply of readers! I have been so very busy lately, but I do have some hair purchases to inform you of. I have been spending far too much money and it’s been great fun!

Boyfriend and I made a trip to the Big City (well, a city) the other day and he very patiently waited for me to browse Sally Beauty Supply. I bought some Lottabody setting lotion (the blue kind) to try in my Caruso steam setter. I read that you can add setting lotion to the water and it will help the curl last longer. It helped a little, but only lasted for maybe 4 hours tops. I had the top section of my hair pulled into a half-up and my friend said it still had waves in it by the end of the day. I will try this again once the weather gets cooler and drier and will report back with specific amounts.

The other things I bought were some wave clips, magnetic rollers, and a sample pack of L’Oreal Nature’s Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing Cream. I had read somewhere online, possibly on the Long Hair Community forums that I have recently been lurking on ( that it is an excellent deep conditioner. I haven’t used it yet and am saving it for a special occasion, since it was a little over 3 dollars for a one ounce sample.

Side note: The Long Hair Community is a really cool website for anybody interested in growing their hair out, who already has long hair, or who is interested in general haircare. I frequently google the name of a product with long hair community added on to the end to read the reviews on the website. I have found the user-generated content to be reliable and informative.

The magnetic rollers are kind of fun. They aren’t really magnetic…apparently they are called that because wet hair sticks to them as if they were magnetically attracted to it. I didn’t want to get my hair thoroughly wet because it takes forever to dry, so tonight I spritzed each section until damp and rolled it onto the rollers using the same roller pattern I use in my Caruso tutorial. Then I clipped the rollers to my scalp hair with the wave clips. I let it air dry, which still took about four hours.


The results, as you can see, are bouncy ends and a slight bend in my hair. Not much actual curl but a nice bit of volume. If I was going out for the night and wanted to spice up already washed and dried hair, I might give them a shot. They were time consuming but a good, hair-friendly option for heatless volume. Certainly kinder to your tresses than a velcro roller (which always get stuck in my hair anyway).

I also bought far too many hair baubles tonight while Boyfriend was at a meeting and I was home alone and bored. It’s seriously dangerous for me to have an internet connection and a debit card at the same time…But. Look at the pretty things I bought!


Image and, last but not least, Image.

Aren’t they so pretty? The clippy things are called Flexi-8s and are widely recommended on the aforementioned Long Hair Community forums as a gentle, hair-friendly (i.e., won’t damage your hair) styling option. Plus they’re so. So. So. Gorgeous. I bought the Flitter into Fall (the green one) in a large because it’s limited edition and it was one of the only sizes available. I figured if it’s too big, I can always use it later as my hair is growing and I don’t plan on cutting it for a long time. My mom once told me that my hair was beautiful and I should grow it down to my butt…I might just take her up on it. 😉

The website for the Flexi-8 and hairsticks is They also offer a direct sales opportunity, sort of like Mary Kay or Tupperware where you host parties. I have never had much luck with these sort of things because I don’t make a very good saleswoman (I’m uncomfortable with the level of pushiness required for success) but I might consider doing it if there would be interest from the people who know me locally. Either way, if you are at all into hair accessories, check out their site. I will do a review of my hair goodies when they arrive in the next week or so!

Posts I hope to write soon: The makeup review about my new eye palettes from Silk Naturals and my E.L.F. Studio Line brushes that I have been waiting to do. A review of my new hairtoys when they arrive. Information about coconut oil and why I love it for my hair.

Any post ideas? Let me know! I wish I had time to write more because it’s really enjoyable for me. Those who know me in real life know I love to be listened to!


4 thoughts on “Hair Baubles

    • I could roller set it! I just ordered a bonnet attachment for my hair dryer so I will try the magnetic rollers from wet at some point. My Flexis got here and I’m excited to do a review soon! I love the green one.

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