Check out this cool thing my grandma is doing!

Hey readers! 🙂

I have three wonderful grandmothers, and this week, my grandma Pat sent me two beautiful necklaces that she made! They are absolutely gorgeous, as you can see below, and they’re for a pretty awesome cause so I thought I would help her get the word out about her project. She makes jewelry to support mission trips that she goes on with Aglow Ministries. I asked her to prepare a quick synopsis of what she does, featured below.

The first one is round, bright pink pearls (with matching earrings)Image

and the second one is freshwater pearls in natural beigey pink tones (with matching earrings)


“The purpose of the Aglow Micro Business Transformation Outreach is to provide an evangelistic opportunity that has the potential to transform lives.  Our goal is to minister to the whole person: spirit, soul and body. By showing the tangible love of Jesus in providing skills to create items to sell we can empower people to provide for the needs of their families, helping them to be a part of a business, or start their own business.  Our hope is that those who learn will be able to help others to learn, sharing the love of Jesus, who cares for all people and wants them to experience a personal relationship with Him.  Our goal is transformed people who impact their families and communities for Christ.

My jewelry sales help to support my expenses of leading teams and buying the necessary supplies that we take to make these skills training sessions possible.

I am currently saving for a trip to the Philippines in March 2014.”

On the trips, she teaches women the same jewelry making skills that she uses, and I believe she has also done trips where the women learn quilting. It’s sort of a cottage industries thing; they give them the necessary skills to support themselves and help them succeed.

Here is a link to Aglow’s website if you’d like to learn more:

I custom ordered my necklace and grandma made just what I wanted, but even more beautiful than I could have pictured it. She also made me an extra just as a surprise!

Prices are based on the cost of materials. If you’d like to contact her for an order, her email is I think it’s awesome that she is using the same skills her group teaches to fund her trips, and I like that this empowers women to be independent and helps them support themselves.

Here’s some pictures of necklaces she has created:



Thanks for reading! Helping others always makes me feel beautiful.




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