My Favorite Fall Beauty Looks

My little part of the world is in the midst of our first blizzard of the season. The school I work at lost power yesterday, so we had an early release. Since then, it’s been all stuffing my face, sipping Kahlua with cocoa, and praying the power doesn’t go out since, at the moment, the only heat source that is functioning correctly is the bitty space heater. I’m sitting directly in front of it, trying to put off showering for as long as possible so I don’t have to get my head wet and freeze to death. Maybe it’s time for more Kahlua…

Anywho. Although it may sound strange to those of you living in more moderate climates, here in the mountains, a blizzard is often the first real sign of Autumn. Sure, we’ve seen some leaves turning that gorgeous goldenrod shade, and one tree in town is a brilliant burgundy, but nothing sends a stronger signal that summer has ceased than ice caked onto your door handle and snow covering your pumpkin patch. I am saddened that it has come so soon, but I am so psyched for fall beauty! I think you can get away with heavier makeup in the fall, because the sky is so gloomy and you don’t have to worry about sweat ruining your look. 

Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

1. Rosie Cheeks

The ideal blush shade is one that looks like your cheeks, but better. Although it’s been said a million times, the most natural, true-to-you hue is going to match the flush that your cheeks have when you come in from the cold. For very fair girls like me, that means something a little bright, with a lot of cool pink, and a hint of plum. Opinions differ on shimmer, but I always think it’s pretty to sparkle a little. I am patiently awaiting my order of Silk Naturals Rosie Blush ( Here’s a picture:


Isn’t it gorgeous? I know I’ve been kind of obsessed with Silk Naturals, but everything I’ve bought from them has been really, really nice. Since I have the day off, I should do some reviews today!

2. Classic Black Eyeliner

Nothing, to me, instantly glams up a look like a quick swipe of black liquid liner. Because I have sensitive eyes, I tend to use mineral shadow mixed with water, but it gives the same effect. While I have a few different liner brushes, my favorite is actually the cleaned-up brush from an old Rimmel eyeliner. It gives a great, thin line and is easy for me to control. I know liquid liner frightens a lot of people but for me it’s actually easier to control the brush than a pencil, especially when I want a really thin line. 

Youtube is full of tutorials on how to get started if you’ve never used liquid before. My favorite way to do it is to hold the brush horizontal to my lashline, and start in the middle. I draw it out to the edge of the eye, then go back and line from the pink squishy part in the corner of your eye and connect it to where you started. If done very well, the line will be thinnest near the pink squishy part, then get gradually bigger to the center, then stay that thickness to the edge. I like a simple line like this, but sometimes I wing it out just a tinge. 

Black is great because it looks good on all skin tones and is nice and bold. My favorite way to do this look is with a very light neutral wash of eyeshadow so the liner takes center stage. It’s the perfect way to do your eyes with a bold lip. 

Speaking of which….

3. Vampy Lips

While red will always be a classic, my absolute favorite for fall is a deep vampy lip. I know oxblood was a really big trend last year, but dark reds and purples like that are so timeless that they will always be beautiful. There are a lot of ways to wear this look. For the shy, a sheer gloss or a stain with clear gloss over it is always gorgeous. For those a little more bold, the market is flooded with deep burgundies, black cherries, and deep port wines. Some of the best colors are Clinique Black Honey, Revlon Black Cherry, and Wet ‘n Wild Cherry Bomb. Personally, I’m waiting for….you guessed it, a Silk Naturals product. 🙂 When my Rosie blush gets here, I’ll also be able to try out my Lip Stain in Vamp and Kisser Slicker gloss in Mayhem. I’m hoping the stain and gloss combined will give me long-lasting deep color. I have tried the Kisser Slickers before and really like the formula but the stain will be new to me. Here’s the colors:

Image Mayhem (gloss) Image Vamp (stain)

4. Water-lined Eyes

Now, please appreciate this photo, because I paused my blogging to shower and do my makeup JUST FOR YOU, lovelies. That’s how much I care! 



You see how the liner is right up next to my eyeball? That’s because I applied it on my waterline. The waterline is the little wet bit between your actual eyeball and your eyelashes. I have the full bottom waterline lined and about 1/4 of the top waterline. The bottom waterline is much more visible, but lining the top waterline can make your lashes look thicker. This is THE TRICK for an intense, smokey, exotic eye. If you have very small eyes, it can make them look even smaller, but on most people this gives a lot of definition and impact to the eye area. This is a powerful eye look. If I were running for President, I would probably do my makeup like this, then ride a motorcycle town to town with a Bald Eagle in my sidecar, with Led Zeppelin blasting in the background. 

All of the colors I used here came from my Silk Naturals Elegant Brown Quad. I lined my waterline with Vogue, and on my lid I used Cream. I defined my crease with Chic. I really like this set…they are great neutrals. Posh is the other one that came in the set but I didn’t use it here. It’s a light brown with almost a gold tint to it.

You can use all kinds of liner on your waterline but DO NOT use liquid. It isn’t safe for your eyes. Pencils, creams, gels, and powders all work well. If you use a gel or cream, it may help it last longer if you set it with powder. I did this same look yesterday and wore it for five hours before I took it off and went to bed. The powder lasted that entire time with nary a smudge in sight. I applied the liner with my e.l.f. Studio Small Precision Brush. 

This technique is somewhat controversial because, obviously, there is a higher risk of eye infection when something is this close to your eye. However, if you keep your brushes clean and don’t do this every day, I think it’s fine. The worst that’s ever happened to me is some eye irritation from a gel liner that didn’t agree with me. Switching to powder has eliminated this issue.

For fall, I am looking forward to wearing my deep lipstick with classic black liner for day, and waterlined eyes for an intense night time look, complete with black leather boots and a bad attitude. 😉



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