Why I hate going to the gym (warning: swear words)

I have a pretty active job, so I have stopped working out. Yes, although I am burning extra calories at work, I should still be weight-training and doing cardio blah blah blah guess what I don’t care. I hate exercising. I firmly believe the “runner’s high” to be a myth, as all that goes through my head when running (keep in mind I ran cross country in high school and junior high) is “Oh God make it stop make it stop make it stop I’m thirsty when can I take a break my feet hurt my butt hurts I can’t breathe fuck this shit.” Of course I do appreciate the relaxation and rosey checks that come with stopping, but that’s the key: I like the stuff that happens when I STOP.

So anyway,  this morning, I was feeling guilty about my exercise hatred and my hearth health and all of that and decided to try to see if Hulu has yoga videos. I did a google search, discovered a Yoga subreddit, and then found this link.


which contains this link

Please take a look at both of these if you have a minute.

This is why I hate the gym. Because some scrawny know-it-all bitch wants to sit there and judge you. Because fat people are treated, as the author in the first link says, like “…a fat person is only valuable when trying to get thin.” I am not even big and have taken one yoga class in my life (hi RB) where I didn’t feel like the instructor wanted me to believe I wasn’t good enough. RB’s. And my mom’s “old lady” class was pretty bitchin’ too.

When I picture my amazing, hardy ancestors, without whom I would not be here, I don’t picture skinny bitches in yoga pants who show up at the gym with impeccable makeup and have abs that you can actually see. I picture goddam Viking women with huge asses and huge boobs who can chop wood and carry around babies and basically kick. Fucking. Ass. 

I am petite. Although I have felt personally victimized by the Skinny Bitches in Yoga Pants of the world, I am not “fat” or “fit” or even “fat and fit” so I probably haven’t experienced this as deeply as larger women. Maybe this isn’t my battle to fight. But when I see women and girls around me being treated like this, it makes me want to take up arms. 


2 thoughts on “Why I hate going to the gym (warning: swear words)

  1. I love you! And I love that second link. I’m a believer that people need to move more (I include myself in that with my 9 hours a day sitting job). But, I also get dad when people hate themselves.

    Fight the fight! Fight the people hating on others, but more importantly, fight people hating on themselves! There are so many things on myself I could hate, and others probably look at my for and judge me on, but most of the time when I look in the mirror, I think I’m awesome!

    That second link is amazing, plus some of those pictures are beautiful. I want a print off that lady doing the standing splits hanging in my house!

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